Lolly in Sweetie Land

Hello, there. I’m Susie. I’m not really sure who’ll actually read this, but hey-ho. Here goes…

I’ll try not to make my first blog post on here too long, for fear you’ll – whoever you are – nod off. And chances are, you probably will – because life’s busy, right? And I really don’t mind if you do – but I guess it’d make my blog post void if you did.

Anyhoo, I digress. Sorry.

Let me introduce myself. And before you yawn, don’t worry, I’ll make it snappy as who really has the time to read waffling rants?

I’m Susie, a copywriter by trade – I basically work with words. Yep, that’s day in, day out. I write articles, blogs, web copy, social media posts, books… you name it, I write it. So, I guess you get the picture.

Another thing I do is radio presenting on MKFM 106.3FM; I present the Wednesday Chill Out Show, 10pm – 12am. Just so you know… maybe you didn’t want to know, I’m not sure.

My love of writing’s always been there, ever since I was a wee one – I’d spend hours writing stories and poems about anything and everything.

That love of writing’s never quite gone away.

I’m now the author of 20 personalised children’s books, all of which are being sold by various retailers, including the company I work for.

You can find all my publications via my website: Yeah, so you spotted my cheeky plug there, didn’t you?

The books were published through the company I work for, and sold pretty well – well actually, very well. They were one of my company’s best-selling products – yippee.

The success of these books has inspired me to go it alone, and I’m pleased to introduce my new children’s book Lolly in Sweetie Land which is currently being stocked on,, CreateSpace, Kindle and various other digital channels.

Here’s a sneak peek:


It’s the perfect Christmas gift or all year round read! If your little one loves sweets (and let’s face it, who has a child that doesn’t?), they’ll (hopefully) love Lolly in Sweetie Land.

I wrote the book in rhyme, as I think it makes reading a lot more fun for kids.

The book was illustrated by Dawn Larder who hand-drew every single image you see. She’s amazing.

Being a proper sweetaholic (if there is such a word?), I feel I owed it to myself to write about what I absolutely loved as a child… that being sweets, chocolate, magic and fairies. What little girl doesn’t?

About My Book

My book’s about a little girl called Lolly who loves all things sweet. The best thing about this book is that children the world over can relate to the tale – just look at the international success of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The tale focuses on Lolly who one day makes a special wish. She finds herself in a land where everything is made of sweets and chocolate… a land where rainbow-coloured fairies fly, bubble-gum trees grow and chocolate rivers flow.

On her magical journey, Lolly even meets the candy monster. The fairies don’t like him and it’s up to Lolly to find out why…

Here are a couple of snippets from my book…


2-page-001 (1)

Thanks for reading my blog – if you did? Maybe you’ll nab your little one a copy of my new book. Maybe you won’t. But, whatever the case, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016.

Rant over.



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